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74003019 , WP74003019 Bake Element 16-5/8


Condition: New (Genuine OEM)

Part Number: WP74003019

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74003019, WP74003019 Bake Element 16-5/8
  • This bake element is used to replace a damaged, malfunctioning or missing lower heating element in the oven of a Jenn-Air, Kenmore, Magic Chef or Maytag electric range model number 62945765.
  • Unplug the range before beginning to make the repair.
  • To remove the old bake element, take out the mounting screws from the back inside wall of the oven cavity.
  • Carefully pull the element toward you to access and disconnect the wires.
  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches
This Bake Element can be used with the following Brands:

Whirlpool Admiral KitchenAid Estate
Maytag Inglis Crosley Jenn-Air
Hardwick Magic Chef Amana Caloric & Glenwood
Kenmore Modern Maid Norge Roper

Part Number 74003019, WP74003019 (AP4093085) replaces following part numbers:
  • 04000058
  • 1322
  • 74003019, WP74003019BU
  • 7406P064-60
  • 7406P092-60
  • AH2081226
  • EA2081226
  • F84-200
  • PS2081226
  • Y04000058
This part is compatible with the following model numbers:

3500PPA 3500PPW 3500PPW-D 3500SPA
3500SPW 3510KPA 3510KPW 3510KRA
3510KRW 3510PPA 3510PPW 3510PRA
3510PRV 3510PRW 3512WPA 3512WPW
3512WRA 3512WRW 3520SPA 3520SPW
3520SRA 3520SRW 3521WPA 3521WPV
3521WPW 3521WRA 3521WRV 3521WRW
3521XPA 3521XPW 3521XRA 3521XRW
3522WUA-D 3522WUV-D 3522WUW-D 3523WRV
3523XRA 3523XRW 3524SRA 3524SRW
3527WUV 3527XPA 3527XPW 3527XRA
3527XRW 3527XUA 3527XUW 3542XRA
3542XRW 3563XYA 3563XYW 3621WPA
3621WPW 3621WRA 3621WRW 3621XPA
3621XPW 3621XRA 3621XRW 3624XPA
3624XPW 3624XRA 3624XRW 3822KVA-D
3822KVW-D 3822PRA 3822PRW 3841SVA-D
3841SVW-D 3842PRA 3842PRW 3842SRA
3842SRW 3842VRV 3842WRV 3842XRA
3842XRW 3860XVA 3860XVW 3862VVD
3862VVV 3862XRA 3862XRW 3862XVA
3862XVW 3865XRA 3865XRW 3867VVD
3867VVV 3867XVB 3868KYW-D 3868SYA
3868SYW 3868VVD 3868VVV 3868XPA
3868XPW 3868XRA 3868XRA-X 3868XRW
3868XRW-X 3868XVA 3868XVB 3868XVW
3882VRV 3882VVV 3882XRA 3882XVA
3888VRA 3888VRV 3888VRV-Z 3888VVA
3888VVD 3888VVV 3888WVS 3888XPK
3888XRB 3888XVB 5651XRS 5651XUA
5651XUS 5651XUW 5892VRA 5892VRV
5892VVA 5892VVV 5892XRS 5892XVS
5898VRA 5898VRV 5898VVA 5898VVV
5898XRB 5898XVB 6500PRA 6500PRW
6500SRS 6551WRA 6551WRW 6551WUA
6551WUW 6551XRA 6551XRW 6551XUA
6551XUB 6551XUW 6651XRS 6651XUS
6892VRA 6892VRV 6892VVA 6892VVV
6892XRA 6892XRS 6892XRW 6892XVA
6892XVB 6892XVS 6892XVW 6893VVD
6893VVV 6893XVB 6895VRA 6895VRV
6896VVD 6896VVV 6896XVB 6898VRA
6898VRV 6898VVA 6898VVD 6898VVV
6898XRB 6898XVB 7858XRA 7858XRW
7858XUA 7858XUW 7858XVA 7858XVW
7898VAD 7898VAV 7898VRA 7898VRV
7898VVV 7898XRA 7898XRW 7898XVA
C3510PVV C3521WRV C3521XRA C3521XRW
C3523WVA C3523WVV C3542XRA C3542XRW
C3581VRV C3581VUV C3581XRA C3581XRW
C3842XRA C3842XRW C3862VYV C3862XYB
C3868VYV C3882VRV C3882VVV C3882XRA
C3882XRW C3882XVA C3888VRV C3888VVV
C3888XRA C3888XRW C3888XVA C3888XVW
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