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Whirlpool Dishwasher Bi-metal Fuse W10258275


Condition: New (Genuine OEM)

Part Number: W10258275

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Part Information

This manufacturer-approved bi-metal fuse (part number W10258275) for Whirlpool dishwasher model DU1055XTVB3 is a thermal safety device that installs in the console. When the temperature inside the dishwasher gets too high the bi-metal fuse burns out and breaks the circuit that allows electricity to flow to and from the main electric control board.

Follow the instructions that come with the replacement bi-metal fuse when making the repair. Install the new wiring harness that comes with the fuse.


  • Category: Large Kitchen Appliances
  • Shipping Length: 3.20 in
  • Shipping Width: 0.60 in
  • Shipping Height: 7.00 in
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05 lbs
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