Bosch 00203987 Dishwasher Lower Dishrack

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Bosch 00203987 Dishwasher Lower Dishrack

Additional Information

This new 00203987 Dishwasher Lower Dishrack from Bosch is a genuine OEM part. The Genuine OEM tag guarantees that the part was engineered to Bosch's specifications resulting in the highest performance with superior quality

Dishrack 00203987 holds the dishes in place during the dishwashing cycle.

Unplug the dishwasher or shut off the house circuit breaker before installing this part.

Part Replaces

Part Number 00203987 replaces 1055119, 203987, 204491, 207800, AH3444814, EA3444814, PS3444814, PS8698844.

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  • Category: Large Kitchen Appliance
  • Shipping Weight: 7.90 lbs
  • Shipping Length: 26.00 inches
  • Shipping Width: 7.90 inches
  • Shipping Height: 10.00 inches

This part is compatible with the following models:

SMU2046 UC/14 (FD 7402-7902)SMU4056 UC/14 (FD 7402-7902)SMU2042 UC/14 (FD 7505-7902)
SMU4052 UC/14 (FD 7402-7902)SMU2042 UC/09 (FD 7307-7504)SMU2042 UC/14 (FD 7402-7504)
SMU2046 UC/09 (FD 7307-7902)SMU2046 UC/13 (FD 7312-7902)SMU3036 UC/14 (FD 7507-7902)
SMU2042 UC/13 (FD 7312-7504)SMI7056 UC/14 (FD -7902)SMU7056 UC/14 (FD 7402-7902)
SMU7056 US/09 (FD 7210-)SMU7052 UC/14 (FD 7507-7902)SMU7052 US/02 (FD 7106-7308)
SMU7052 UC/14 (FD 7402-7902)SMU4052 US/08 (FD 7203-)SMU4056 US/09 (FD 7211-)
SMU7052 US/09 (FD 7210-)SMU7056 UC/09 (FD 7307-7504)SMU7056 UC/14 (FD 7507-7902)
SMU4056 US/01 (FD 7106-7308)SMU4096 UC/14 (FD -7902)SMI7052 UC/09 (FD 7402-7902)
SMU7056 UC/09 (FD 7507-7902)SMU7056 US/02 (FD 7106-7308)SMU2042 UC/09 (FD 7505-7902)
SMU4052 US/09 (FD 7210-)SMU7052 UC/09 (FD 7307-7504)SMU3032 UC/14 (FD 7507-7902)
SMU4052 UC/09 (FD 7307-7902)GI904-760SMU4052 US/01 (FD 7106-7308)
SMU4056 UC/09 (FD 7307-7902)SMI7052 UC/14 (FD -7902)SMU4092 UC/14 (FD -7902)
GM104-714GM288-710SMI7052 US/08 (FD 7208-)
SMI7056 UC/09 (FD 7402-7902)SMI7056 US/08 (FD 7208-)SMU2042 UC/13 (FD 7505-7902)
SMU7052 UC/09 (FD 7505-7506)SMU7056 UC/09 (FD 7505-7506)GM104-710
GM288-714SMI7052SMI7052 US/09 (FD 7210-)
SMI7056SMI7056 US/09 (FD 7210-)SMU2042
SMU4096SMU7052SMU7052 UC/09 (FD 7507-7902)
SMU7056and more...
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Product Name Bosch 00203987 Dishwasher Lower Dishrack
Manufacturer Bosch
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