LG EBR34917104 Refrigeration PCB Assembly

Part Replaces

6871JB1431A, EBR34917102

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1 Year Warranty

LG EBR34917104 Refrigeration PCB Assembly

Additional Information

EBR34917104 Refrigeration PCB Assembly from LG is a genuine OEM part. The Genuine OEM tag guarantees that the part was engineered to LG's specifications resulting in the highest performance with superior quality

Electronic control board EBR34917104 manages the functions of the refrigerator such as cooling and defrost times. Safely store any food that could deteriorate while the power is off.

Unplug the appliance before installing this part.

Part Replaces

Part Number EBR34917104 replaces AP4450216, 1463582, 6871JB1431A, AH3533719, EA3533719, EBR34917102, PS3533719..

Brands Using this Part:

Kenmore, LG.

This part is compatible with the following models:

GRL218SSKAand more..
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Product Name LG EBR34917104 Refrigeration PCB Assembly
Manufacturer LG
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