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Whirlpool 3953146 / WP3953146 Laundry Washer Timer

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A 100% original and genuine part that has been restored to original specifications and individually tested for full functionality. This part has been remanufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System and a process that addresses original, inherent design flaws and quality issues.

6 Month Warranty

No Longer Available

A brand-new, unused and unopened part in its original packaging. 100% original and genuine part.

Whirlpool 3953146 / WP3953146 Laundry Washer Timer

Additional Information

3953146 / WP3953146 Laundry Washer Timer from Whirlpool is a genuine OEM part. The Genuine OEM tag guarantees that the part was engineered to Whirlpool's specifications resulting in the highest performance with superior quality

Pull tab at back of timer to release the knob.

Unplug the appliance before installing this part.

Part Replaces

Part Number WP3953146 replaces 3953146, PS11742065, B0767R6Z3R, B00LHR8JTE.

Brands Using this Part:

Whirlpool, Roper, Inglis, Amana, Estate, Crosley.

This part is compatible with the following models:

LSR8233JQ0 TAWX700JQ1 LXR7244JQ1 LSR8133HQ0 LSR8233JQ1 RAS6233KQ0
RAS7233KQ0 LSR6232JQ1 RAX7245KQ0 LXR7244JQ0 RAS7233JQ0 RAX7244JQ0
LXR7244JT1 RAX7245JQ0 RAS8244LQ0 RAX7244KQ0 RAS8244KQ0 TAWX700JQ0
LSR6232JQ0 RAS6233JQ0 CAWX700MQ0 LSR8233JT0 LXR7244JZ1 LSR8133HZ0
LXR7244JZ0 7MLSF7600PQ0 7MLSF7600PQ1 7MLSF7600PT0 7MLSF7600PT1 7MLSR6232JQ0
7MLSR6232JQ1 7MLSR6232JQ4 7MLSR6232JQ5 7MLSR6232JT3 7MLSR6232JT4 7MLSR6232JT5
7MLSR7232PQ0 7MLSR7232PQ1 7MLSR7232PT0 7MLSR7232PT1 7MLXR6133PQ0 7MNTM5000TQ0
7MNTM5000TT0 7MRAS6233KQ3 7MRAS6233KQ4 7MRAS6233KQ5 7MWT74500SQ0 7MWT95500SQ0
7MWT96540SQ0 7MWT96540ST0 and more…
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Product NameWhirlpool 3953146 / WP3953146 Laundry Washer Timer
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